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Fat Gripz are the new worldwide training phenomenon which helps add muscle and strength to your body in record time. They have been described as "the biggest thing to happen to weight training in the last decade".

They are quite amazing which is why Fat Gripz are now used by members of the US Special Forces, British Marine Commandos, NFL teams, top UFC fighters and champion powerlifters, champion bodybuilders AND why Fat Gripz have been featured by Men's Health Magazine, Men's Fitness magazine, Ironman magazine, Flex magazine, Maximum Fitness magazine, Muscular Development magazine and the New York Times #1 Best Seller, The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

Fat Gripz instantly convert barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars and exercise machines into THICK BARS.

More muscle. More strength. Fast. It's as simple as that. Most people who train with Fat Gripz find that their arms size and strength (in particular) increases dramatically and, as a result, their whole upper body grows. You will literally feel them working the very first time you use them.

Fat Gripz are super high quality, fully portable and will give you the benefits of a gym full of thick bars (no matter where you train) at a fraction of the cost.

Switching to Fat Gripz might be the single biggest difference you can make to your muscle size and strength today.

Yes. Using a thick handled bar is one of the best things you can do to build size and strength virtually incomprehensible to people who use regular bars. Keep in mind that you must still follow a sound training routine and ensure you are getting the proper nutrition. You should try and eat as natural and organic as possible so that your body will function at its best. Foods like organic grass fed beef and natural whey or organic whey protein are highly anabolic and will supply your body with the nutrients and protein necessary for muscle and strength gains.


Your order is usually processed within 1-2 business days except Statutory holidays in the USA, CA and UK (**ATTENTION** If processing/shipping times are delayed there will be a notice during the checkout process) via the following carriers:

  • USA Orders – UPS Ground or USPS, up to 8 business days
  • UK Orders – Royal Mail First Class Packet, up to 8 business days
  • Canadian Orders – Canada Post, up to 10 business days
  • European Orders – Royal Air Mail up to 12 business days
  • Australia/NZ Orders- Royal Air Mail, up to 15 business days
  • All other international orders – Royal Air Mail, up to 21 business days

You can get them in any color, as long as it’s blue :D

We believe in the effectiveness of FAT GRIPZ™ so deeply that we can offer you a 100% money-back guarantee*. If you try them and feel that they are not as effective as you would have liked, simply return them for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your full purchase price, even if you've already used them. *The 100% guarantee does not apply to volume, reseller or distributor purchases.

Thick Bars

Thick bars are simply barbells, dumbbells and pull-up bars with a thicker diameter handle. A standard barbell, dumbbell, or chin-up bar typically has a handle with a diameter of about 1 inch. A thick bar will often have a diameter of more like 2.5 inches (some look more like truck axles) and if you've ever used you will know that it feels completely different.

Using a thick bar means MORE MUSCLE AND STRENGTH on your body. Thick bar training produces much bigger strength and muscle gains compared to standard training equipment…. and many people find them much easier on their joints too. Thick Bars are not new. Strongmen, champion powerlifters and pro athletes have been using them for decades.

Thick Bars (and Fat Gripz) work for many reasons including:

  • Increased muscle activation - thicker handles stimulate much more muscle activation in the hands and forearms and in the upper arms and whole upper body. More muscle activation means much bigger muscle and strength gains.
  • "Unlocking" muscle gains - thick bars make your hands, fingers and forearms so much stronger that your body can finally stop "holding back" the strength and muscle gains in your uppers arms, back and chest.
  • Complete training - thick bar training automatically trains your hands, fingers and forearms at all angles. If you are bench pressing, the thick bar will train your hands and forearms in a completely different way than if you are doing chin ups on a thick bar.
  • Natural movement - thick bars perfectly replicate the natural function of the human hand - lifting heavy, awkward objects.
  • Automatic training - thick bars means you are training your grip the whole time and you don't even need to do any extra exercises.
  • Concentration - thick bars are harder to handle so you need to concentrate a lot harder to lift the weight. Some credit this alone with making them significantly stronger.
  • Less imbalances and injuries - thick bars shift the stress off the joints and onto the muscles because a thick bar spreads the weight over a larger area.

Thick bars are great but they are very expensive and, therefore, quite rare (a thick bar may cost $300 - $800 and a set of thick-handled dumbbells may cost $10,000 - $25,000). Also, you can't take them to different gyms easily and thick chin-up bars and thick-handled exercise machines are almost non-existent.


Yes! Of course, there is an inherent risk involved in using all exercise equipment but FAT GRIPZ™ have been designed with extreme care to ensure that they are as safe as possible. They also come with clear and detailed instructions for use which will help you to have a very safe and highly effective training experience.

Many gyms are used by hundreds or thousands of people and the equipment is rarely, if ever,hygienicallycleaned. FAT GRIPZ™ will help you to avoid the unseen hygiene nightmare which may be lurking in your gym.

We have received feedback from many people that Fat Gripz have indeed helped, here is one such example from our Facebook page (Facebook.com/FATGRIPZ):


Fat Gripz are made from an ultra tough military-grade compound which is a lot like rubber (you might be surprised at the weight and quality of them when you open the box). They have a slit down one side which allows them to be pulled open and slid easily onto the bar and then close tightly around it. They will not wear-out or compress and they are designed to be rock solid on the bar as if they re a part of it.

No. The design and manufacture of Fat Gripz are the result of years of extensive testing and refinement by some of the best strength coaches in the world. The design, manufacture and materials used to make Fat Gripz have been tested and tweaked over and over until they were perfect for maximum effectiveness, usability, durability and safety. When you open the box you might be quite amazed by the quality, weight and strength of Fat Gripz. When you receive your pair, you'll see what we mean!


Yes. Please email info@fatgripz.com with your details.

Yes, you should definitely avoid them. They are usually very low quality (made from materials we would never use) and not even the right size. In order to make sure you buy genuine Fat Gripz buy only from www.FatGripz.com, FatGripz.co.uk, FatGripz.ca, FatGripz.com.au, FatGripz.es, FatGripz.de, FatGripz.com.br. We list alternative authorized re-sellers of genuine Fat Gripz on many of these sites too.

WE ARE TAKING LEGAL ACTION AGAINST SELLERS OF COUNTERFEIT PRODUCT TO PROTECT OUR CUSTOMERS AND GENUINE RE-SELLERS. If you are unsure about whether a seller is genuine, you can email us at info@fatgripz.com to check.

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"Fat Gripz cost less than a month's supply of protein and will last a lifetime"

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